Connect Your Story

The quality of every conversation in the world starts with the conversation you are having with yourself.

Record your memories, ideas and thoughts and create the story of your life for you and others to celebrate and remember.

Find your voice and make it heard.

What you will learn and do:

Organize and explore memories and thought
Create a body of work/legacy

Find the “red thread” or theme of your life.

Clarify your priorities

Listen more closely to yourself and

Learn how to write better


Tell the story of your life

Help others understand your life more deeply

Start conversations


It starts with a box, a pen, notecards your memories and someone listening.

Every life is extraordinary, irreplaceable and contributes a unique perspective to the world.


who r you

The quality of each conversation with others starts with the conversation you have with yourself. Clarify and organize elusive memories, thoughts and ideas with a simple analog strategy that anyone can learn to use.